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Testimonials – 2021

Looking back, I believe that I was crazy, insane, and stupid. All three classification would aptly describe a mind set, like mines, for an attempt to get into a hot housing market during the height of a pandemic, without any previous knowledge or an iota of experience, in the pursuit of buying a home. Well, I did, and it turned out to be a disaster. The realtor that I first worked with, was good, but what I found to be important, is to have experts in law, finance, credit repair etc., to navigate you throughout this rigors process. So my first attempt came up short. Disappointed, dejected, I was overcome with those emotions. But this crazy woman got up, dusted off, and went at it again. No negativity is going to kill my dream, I thought to myself. Annmarie was the realtor who, I believe, was a God sent. I searched the web, and was very lucky to have picked her from an ocean of Real Estate people. It was a match made in heaven. From the start, it was as if I knew Annmarie before. Her dedication in helping me to get the best professional in each field, who immediately began working with me, was heart warming, and the efficient way in which she went about, restored my hope in becoming a new home owner. Soon, I was dreaming again. Within weeks, Annmarie was showing me houses that, not only was within my budget, but homes that she felt were the best choice based on what she knew I was looking for. She was never out of reach, communication wise, and was never shy about imparting her best judgement on the do’s and don’ts of home buying. That wealth of knowledge, experience, hard work, connection and integrity eventually lead me to my ideal home. For me, Annmarie is a needle in a haystack. That breath of fresh air, that individual who seem perfect in everyway. A professional in her job, and a best friend when you need one. Yep, that’s Annmarie. You too can have all that package in one person. That guiding light, that person who have your best interest at heart, that person is, without doubt, ANNMARIE.

F. Neverson

Annmarie was everything we could have wished for and more as we prepped, listed and sold our home! She was responsive, helpful, honest and professional throughout the entire process and this support has continued beyond the closing papers being signed! We had several moving parts (out of country job deployment and child who wanted to spend their last summer in the comfort of her home prior to moving out of state for college) and she was there for all of it. Ensuring our needs were met and that the process kept on moving forward. She was understanding and honest as offers came in and provided much needed guidance throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home because she is one of a kind and truly cares about her clients.

M. Cartee

I highly recommend Annmarie to anyone looking to purchase a home. My family began our home search with Annmarie in Ridgefield. We looked at several homes, and Annmarie always had time to show us properties as soon as they came on the market. After seeing many homes and not being able to find just the right fit, Annmarie helped guide us to shift our home search to the town of Redding. We ultimately found a house that is the perfect fit for our family, in a town that is proving to be an equally great match. Annmarie was always very honest, knowledgeable, and accommodating. She helped us navigate the highs and lows of the very competitive hot real estate market of 2021. Without her, we would not be in the home we’re in today!

J. Delaney

Testimonials – 2020

As a first home buyer, I had a lot of questions. However, Ann was terrific. She was always professional, pleasant, respectful and kept the buying process on track. Ann was very much my advocate from the start having me see some “deficiencies” in the initial showing to the final “walk through”. She  was all about making a “good” sale not just a sale, like other agents I had worked with. I highly recommend her!

A. Kiebous

Annmarie is a very knowledgeable and attentive Broker. She is patient and kind. I consider myself lucky to have met her. I would recommend her to anyone looking to rent, buy or sell a home.

I. Barrone

Annmarie is a very knowledgeable and attentive Broker. She is patient and kind. I consider myself lucky to have met her. I would recommend her to anyone looking to rent, buy or sell a home.

K. Chambers

Testimonials – 2019

After interviewing several brokers Annmarie stood out from the very beginning She was Responsive, very pleasant and very knowledgable about the market, the area and social media. Her tips about selling provided me with relevant data and listing metrics that were very helpful. Her listing  photography was superb. AnnMarie’s recommended list price drew an immediate offer and as a result we listed and closed in 90 days.I have sold multiple properties in Ct. and Ma., Annmarie has been the best broker I have ever worked with….excellent communication, outstanding service, she went out of her way to help out even with the smaller things (not to mention she is just a lovely person! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

T. Farm

Unbelievable and so professional to have AnneMarie as my realtor agent AnnMarie was such a pleasure to work with while finding a home that my family and I fell in love with. She truly went above and beyond. Ensuring the process was smooth,she was very hands on and making sure everything was  perfect. I loved the fact I was able to communicate with AnnMarie 24/7. She always had time to reassure me and keep me update with the process of buying my dream home. Words cannot express how truly grateful my family and I are to AnnMarie. I found my dream home and thanx to AnnMarie we are so ecstatic and truly thrilled that we had the pleasure of having AnnMarie on our side. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends in the near future. Thank you thank you thank you AnnMarie!!

L. Lopez

My family is brand new to Connecticut, just moving here in May for a job I accepted in March. Leading up to the move, things were quite chaotic– we didn’t know ANYTHING about Connecticut, and we were now facing a very short amount of time where we had to find a home. I’m thankful I came across  Annmarie’s information from a listing on Zillow. She basically adopted our family from 1500 miles away, and since we couldn’t be in Connecticut to look at listings, she did the house-hunting for us in our absence. Whether it was the many video tours she created for us of different homes, or Video chatting while on-site, we were confident that our interests were being represented and we were getting the right information to make a confident decision. On the couple occasions I was able to be in the area leading up to the move, she gave me her full attention and toured me around many areas of the state where we might consider moving. The most impressive thing about Annmarie was that she put our needs FAR ahead of her own. As the deadline to find a home was getting close, and as she was negotiating offers on a few rentals we were considering, I came across a home that wasn’t allowing broker involvement. Instead of trying to convince us to hold out and buy/rent with her assistance and earn her commission, Annmarie encouraged us to pursue this house, knowing that my family needed closure and a place to live as soon as possible. I was shocked at how graceful she was in handling the situation, and I’m confident that we’ll use Annmarie when the time comes to buy or rent our next home in Connecticut.

J. Smith

Absolutely knowledgeable and a very helpful agent. She always have our needs and requirements put first and never tried to force any listing on us. I would recommend her to my friends and family without doubt.

S. Mahive

I am a first time home buyer in Connecticut, with Annmarie we had all the home buying process much smoother than I thought, also she is very polite and always available to show any property we interest for, she had a nice knowledge of the area also the her prompt reply and communication helped us  to get our first home sweet home.

M. Shukla

Annmarie Del Franco has been more than a realtor, she’s been my right hand. I do not know how I would have gotten this far in selling my home without her. I have been mostly an absentee seller and Annmarie has been there every step of the way. She has advertised unwanted furniture on eBay, been  there for the pick up, scheduled dates with and waited for repairman and emotionally supported me though the trauma of selling my family home. I could never have gotten to this point without Annmarie’s expertise, willingness to help, and guidance

F. Sheehan

Annmarie was our buying agent 10 years ago when we moved back to the USA after two years abroad. She was patient , reliable and extremely capable of helping us pick the perfect home for our family. When we needed to move from the area again we reached out to Annmarie. She led us through the  process of preparing our home and ourselves for a very difficult selling market. After a reasonable amount of time our home was sold and while it did not bring us the monetary profit we wanted , selling it during the spring cycle allowed us to leave the home before a busy summer season. We would recommend Annmarie to anyone who truly wants a professional who will get the job done

B. Sweeney

I cannot recommend Annmarie highly enough! From our first conversation I knew she was the right fit for me. Annmarie came to our first meeting with a clear understanding of the current marketplace, a strong marketing program, and a great sense of what was needed. Her years of experience made me  feel totally confident in her. Once we listed she was an excellent communicator and gave me constant feedback. In the end we accepted an offer in two weeks when there were four other units in my association on the market. Three of which are still on the market. Annmarie knocked it out of the park and went above and beyond to make sure the listing and closing process all went smoothly. We are HUGE fans of Annmarie

M. Schwartz June, 2019

Annmarie has been integral in ensuring the whole process of home buying run smoothly. As a first time homebuyer she offered her opinion and gave insight as we took this journey to owning our home. She was never pushy with any property she liked. She was willing to work with our schedule and oftentimes check out the property so we wouldn’t have to waste time if the area and house did not fit what she knows we were looking for.

M. March May, 2019

I am very likely to refer Annmarie she stuck with me through one hell of a purchase.

D. Fragoso March, 2019

Testimonials – 2018

Annemarie helped us sell a house in considerable need of updating. The house was on the market on two separate occasions. She is very experienced and this showed in her patience, humor and willingness to let any price reduction feel one we arrived at ourselves. We are pleased to recommend her.

P. Cooke December, 2018

Annmarie was very straight forward from the beginning. While on occasion she’d humor us with tours of homes we’d chosen that weren’t right, she took out a lot of the leg work by understanding early on our needs and limitations. She was helpful and available through our entire process and with  negotiations. It was nice to move and have a friendly face to check in with when visiting town.

M. Sybil November, 2018

Annmarie is the sweetest person in the whole world! I bought my townhouse because of her! I had never bought a home before with Annmarie’s help I understood all the facts I needed to know to buy this home! I love my new home, I couldn’t be happier!

E. O’Gorman November, 2018

Annmarie was a huge help from the very beginning of the process, as we were just getting to know the area, to the end, as we dealt with the closing. She was particularly great at doing due diligence on houses we were considering making an offer on, by digging up information in the various local  officers. We highly recommend her!

R. Bubb October, 2018

Annmarie is a great person and real estate professional. She helped us to find and buy a beautiful house in Ridgefield, CT. Annmarie was always very professional, attentive to all our requests and very very knowledgeable. And she is a very good person that was very important for us. So I’d  definitely recommend Annmarie as the best real estate professional I have ever worked with.

M. Fain September, 2018

We are so lucky to have found Annmarie for our house hunt in Ridgefield. As a resident, she knows the town well and gave expert recommendations on the listings. She was easy to work with and flexible, as we often brought our 1 year old along to view homes. She spent the time weeding out listings  and showing us what really made sense, which we appreciated given our tight timeline. Through the process, we got to know her and she is just a wonderful person. We would highly recommend her!

L. Cameron August, 2018

Annmarie was wonderful to work with. As first time homebuyers, she talked us through every step of the process. Her negotiation skills ensured that we got a great deal on our home. We would highly recommend Annmarie to our family and friends!

E. Baker August, 2018

Annmarie is a sunny, positive agent and principal of her own firm. The CT Real Estate market has been sluggish and essentially “dead” in our price range. She never seemed discouraged. She was a marketing-genius with her social media advertising, she helped get our home staged (with our own  furnishings) by a 3rd party advisor, and she had fantastic photography done of our property. All of these things caused a surge in views and interest in our home. (We had previously been listed for over one year with a large brokerage house, and saw greater results with Annmarie). Our house sold – while all of our competition is still on the market! 

S. Stimola July, 2018

AnnMarie was terrific to work with! She was so helpful guiding us through the entire house-buying process and quick to respond when we had questions. She also had great suggestions of local people/businesses that helped us make the house our own. Highly recommend.

C. Brooks June, 2018

Annmarie was amazing! She was always available, guided us through every step of the process, and was always on our side. We’ve lived in our new home for about 4 months now and loved every second of it.

M. Heineck April, 2018

Annmarie went above and beyond to make sure my husband and I was fully satisfied,it was a pleasure working with her..

S. Morrison April, 2018

We worked with Annmarie for over 9 months as we searched for the perfect home in the perfect location. Through out the entire process she was patient, personable and professional. She was able to discern our needs and wants to the point that she would screen any homes that looked interesting  online, so we would not waste a 2 1/2 hour drive to see the home. When we found our new home she led the negotiations in a thoughtful and positive manner. We highly recommend Annmarie for your house hunting needs.

T. McIntyre April, 2018

Work for us and got us exactly what we were looking for. Annmarie never tried to convince house to buy a house. She asked what type of house and property we were interested in and found several for us to look at. Advised us on market price and never tried to g dr t us in a house out of our budget. She was fun to be around when looking. We would give Annmarie the highest recommendation possible.

M. Moore April, 2018

AnnMarie is a true professional! We interviewed many Realtors prior to listing our house and believe that AnnMarie was the determining factor in selling our house in a down market. It is an understatement to say that “She went above and beyond”. AnnMarie showed our house numerous times and we know  that all the showings were due to her professionalism, social media, advertising and marketing expertise. And of course her positive, friendly and fun personality! Thank you so much AnnMarie!

D & L Spence April, 2018

Testimonials – 2017

Annmarie Del Franco was absolutely amazing to work with. She was HIGHLY recommended by my mortgage broker. From the moment Annmarie started to assist my wife and I until weeks after the closing she was wonderful! Always immediately responsive, able to meet with me at the last minute when I wanted  to take another look at the house, for all of the inspections etc… Annmarie is a true professional, even in a time when finding the right people to work with is becoming harder to find she is one of the best realtors out there, and trust me I’ve worked with a few of the not soo good! I highly recommend Annmarie… no need to look further! Blackstone properties is the way to go!

S. Balasny December, 2017

Our goal during a very competitive market was to locate a realtor who was the best. In choosing a realtor, we wanted and needed the best —one who would make a difference in a very tough real estate environment We found better than the best when we engaged Annmarie Del Franco of Blackstone  Realty. She surpassed our expectation and performed aggressively yet respectfully. Not only was she responsive to those who initiate interest in our house but was ingenious in seeking and cultivating prospects. She reached out to bring potential buyers to our property. Annmarie built and cultivated a reservoir of those who defined our target market She kept us up to date with those who visited our house and trends as our local market evolved. She was a master in negotiating at contract time bringing us a higher price than that with which we were willing to accept. Annmarie was always available — we never felt neglected or second to any of her other clients. Not only is she a professional realtor but one who made the association enjoyable. Hats off to Annmarie—an outstanding and honest realtor who indeed stands above even the best! 

D. Riley December, 2017

Annmarie guided us in purchasing our first home. She is smart, confident, and very knowledgeable on the current market. She is always researching and keeping her eyes open, and ultimately helped us find our perfect home. In addition, she is kind and caring and we genuinely felt like she always had  our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend using her!

Janine MacDonnell October, 2017

I have known and worked with Annmarie for many years. Whether it’s rental or purchase, she’s always been extremely patient and helpful. The properties I had either rented or was looking to purchase were all small in scale, but Annmarie always took the time to work with us at the convenience of my  busy schedule. I can not thank her enough, and will definitely continue to work with her on any future real estate deals.

C. Maldonado October, 2017

Annmarie was the agent who sold us our Ridgefield condo in 2011. When it was time for me to sell, who else would we call? Annmarie was a great help in pricing and staging the unit to sell. With expectations of a long process, we put the unit on the market in early August, received and accepted a  bid and closed at the beginning of October. In an environment where there seemed to be a glut of properties on the market, this was truly amazing. Annmarie is a real pro, and I recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Ridgefield area.

M. Alger October, 2017

The professional service and personal attention I received from Annmarie Del Franco from Blackstone Properties of CT was exceptional. Her knowledge of the local market in the Redding community helped me locate the perfect house. She worked diligently with me reviewing several home options  explaining all the property information and financial requirements to ensure I was receiving the best possible available home to match my needs. I would highly recommend Annmarie Del Franco to help you in this life changing move. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide me through the process.

M. Dido September, 2017

I listed my condo with Annmarie with the utmost confidence that she would do the best job in selling it. She was highly recommended and loved working with her. She would always return my calls with clarity to the questions I would ask. Annmarie is very professional and knows just when to  negotiate to get the best possible price. I would recommend her highly..Great girl.

J. Valasi August, 2017

Annmarie is a professional and a pleasure to work with. She helped us with both the sale of our existing house and purchase of our new house- both deals went through quickly without drama. I highly recommend Annmarie!

C. Everett June, 2017

I listed my home with Annmarie and enjoyed working with her. She was very good at pricing the home for the market and helped me see that the home would sell in a reasonable time. She did her best with marketing the home and being available for having open house more than once. She was very good  with strategizing when to reduce the price if needed while not doing so too quickly. I felt the she fought for me so that I would not spend money on the home unnecessarily while keeping the buyer interested. She was always responsive and I felt communicated well and showed interest in her work in helping me get my home sold. I definitely recommend her! 

S. Cohen June, 2017

Annmarie was professional – made us feel like we were her only listing – attentive and always available. I’ve already recommended her to a friend!

J. Galli May, 2017

I was happy with how Annmarie marketed my home and with her advice in getting the best price for the home.

D. Schwartz March, 2017

I bought and sold w her and my dad sold a second house w her. She is great.

J. Hornik February, 2017

Testimonials – 2016

I wish there were an option to give Annmarie more than 5 stars. We just closed (today) the sale of our home, after a long and complex process that included a coast-to-coast relocation (we moved to Seattle for work). Annmarie guided us through, supported us in a million ways large and small –  everything from smart pricing and managing potential buyers, to picking up packages and making sure inspection repairs got done while we were 2500 miles away. I can’t imagine what more we could ask from our experience with her. If we ever have to sell our new house here in Seattle, I feel bad for our broker, because she has spoiled us for all other agents 🙂 Thanks Annmarie! 

J. Oppelaar December, 2016

When my husband and I decided it was time to buy our first home we conducted a lot of research of realtors in the area. Annmarie was rated very highly so we gave her a call. From the beginning it was obvious that Annmarie is very skilled and knowledgeable in the profession and puts your needs and  interests first and foremost. We could count on Annmarie’s honest opinion and she would not only point out the positive features of a house/condo but also things that should be considered- especially things that first time homeowners may not be aware of. When it came to negotiating price we were incredibly thankful that Annmarie was looking out for our best interest financially and never once felt she was just trying to make a profit our our expense. My husband and I very highly recommend Annmarie and could not have been happier!

S. Prior October, 2016

Our original experience with our first realtor was an absolute nightmare. From day one to the day we closed Annmarie was by our side every moment making the purchase of this home quick, easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend her services to everyone. She’s a great warm person that  thrives to do her best for you.

S. Rosenberg October, 2016

It was a blast to work with Annmarie. Highly recommended. I started looking for a house in Fairfield County a year prior (mistakenly thinking my current house would sell fast) and Annmarie graciously took me, my wife, and toddler to more houses than I can remember. Then a year later, after my  house sold, we went back to Annmarie to find our new home. She took us to many locations and with her in depth knowledge and connections, we ultimately found our dream home that already had an offer on it. But Annmarie’s strategy got us the win (without increasing our offer)!!!! We not only saw many houses but we had a good time and had many laughs with Annmarie doing it. Highly recommended.

B. Long September, 2016

Annmarie is the best! Knowledgeable about the market, patient, great problem solving skills. She responds quickly to all questions. And she has a sense of humor.

B. Tabory August, 2016

Annmarie came to us highly recommended by one of my wife’s clients, and she lived up to expectations. Annmarie assisted with the sale of our old townhouse and the purchase of our new home and the process could not have been easier. Annmarie provided an extremely high level of service and  responsiveness in both the sale/purchase process and made this stressful experience relatively smooth and pain free. She was always willing to hop on the phone with us, send a text when a new property came on the market, or spend countless hours guiding us from open house to open house. She is truly an advocate for you and can be trusted to get you in the house that best suits your needs. My wife and I would highly recommend her services to anyone we know, including family members, who are looking to sell or buy a home

B. Leonardi July, 2016

Annmarie made selling our house a happy experience. She worked diligently in organizing staging and photography (including a 3D tour). Her instincts concerning potential buyers was flawless as is her emotional intelligence in dealing with other brokers. We chose Annmarie as our broker after  screening 2 other firms. She came highly recommended by two neighbors whose houses she sold in the past 2 years. Ours and theirs all sold for over $1M. Her pricing and accounting for buyer’s leeway were right on target and higher than the other brokers estimates. As a bonus to her clients, she is charming and has a good sense of humor.

C. Childs June, 2016

Annmarie was fantastic. Our home buying process was not quick. We looked for 3 years before we found the right home for us. Annmarie was patient and stuck with us throughout. When we did finally find the home we wanted she helped us navigate the process of negotiating a great price for that  house and then selling the house we owned. There were a few bumps along the way but Annmarie helped us handle them with her considerable knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and fabulous sense of humor. 

F. Pereira January, 2016

Testimonials – 2015

Annmarie was very understanding of our needs and wishes. She gave expert advice on the process of selling the home and was there at every turn to guide us through the problems and solutions required for the sale. As first-time sellers, she recognized our ignorance of the situation, and was very  patient with us. She sold the home in a very timely manner, realizing the winter months aren’t far away. She is an extremely hard worker and is a very positive person, which is very helpful in what can be a very stressful process. We would recommend her unconditionally to anyone looking for a realtor.

C. Gaughran November, 2015

Annmarie was extremely accommodating & knowledgeable! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t thank her enough for all of her help throughout the sales process!

L. Corlew August, 2015

I enjoyed working with Annmarie. She was able to get a sense of our home buying needs (and wants) quickly and worked patiently with us to find the right home over a six month period. Annmarie was very thorough with follow-ups, straightforward with information and has a lot of resources to help  throughout the home buying process. For us it was a septic guy, floor contractor, even a well-priced washer/dryer set for our new home! I recommend working with Annmarie. 

J. Cole August, 2015

Annmarie was on our side and on the job from the get-go! She impressed us with her knowledge of the market, how to best ‘stage’ our home and how to show it to its best potential. Result? It SOLD in less than three months, impressive generally but especially so in a tough market. She “stayed with  us” throughout the whole process, right up to closing and beyond. If you’re serious about selling (or buying!), do yourself a favor and go with this PRO! She knows what she’s doing and will deliver the results you want! 

R. Thompson August, 2015

Annmarie has been a real pleasure to work with. She guided me every step of the way and showed me an extendive list of houses before finding the right one. I really appreciated her honest advice which is why I would highly recommend her and use again in the future.

L. Ledesma August, 2015