About – New Fairfield, CT

New Fairfield is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, on the shores of Candlewood Lake, the largest lake in the state. The town has around 14,000 residents spread over 25.1 square miles. 

In the last few years, New Fairfield has turned into a bedroom community, being a short drive or train ride away from the excitement and energy of the bigger cities. Candlewood Lake has turned into an amazing vacation site visited by people living in lower Fairfield County and New York State.

Even though the town is fairly tranquil, it still manages to provide the modern necessities. The town has an excellent educational system, with four highly rated schools, a town library, and plenty of activities through town programs for kids to seniors. When you need something new, towns like Danbury are also right around the corner with their shopping and restaurant experiences.

Living in New Fairfield, Connecticut is a lovely experience, especially for those that love being near water. Candlewood Lake made the town popular again, a hidden treasure that people often overlooked. The summer cottages that used to line the lake’s shores are almost all gone, and luxurious homes with spectacular views replaced them. Residents can enjoy amazing recreational activities such as boating, fishing, swimming and sunbathing, and take advantage of all the beauty and opportunities that the town offers. New Fairfield is a peaceful, quiet and beautiful town, a place that is unique among the other Connecticut communities.

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