About – Weston, CT

Weston is a residential community in the middle of Fairfield County, Connecticut, and one of the wealthiest ones in the United States. The town contains just over 10,000 people spread over 20.7 square miles. 

As opposed to the cities that surround it, Weston has no railroad system (although Westport’s train station is close by) and that’s a reason why only a few manufacturers started their business in town. Lack of manufacturing facilities contributed to keeping the town’s rural landscape, with lots of open space, quiet streams, and leafy woods. 

Living in Weston feels like living in the countryside; there is so much green and so many open spaces wherever you look that it is impossible not to feel relaxed and somehow free. However, residents have access to all the modern resources that ensure a comfortable lifestyle and thanks to Weston’s convenient location. Sophisticated shopping and exciting nightlife and food scene is in town as well as just a short drive away in Westport, in New York, and in the Long Island Sound. In the absence of busy commercial boulevards found in the big cities, residents of Weston go to The Center, the place to meet and shop in this unique rural setting.

When it comes to recreation and outdoor activities, the town of Weston offers almost one quarter of the land for open space use. Some of these preserved areas include the Lucius Pond Ordway, Devil’s Den, Katherine Ordway Preserve, Aspetuck Land Trust, and last but not least the Bisceglie-Scribner Park: a 53-acre recreation area, containing Little League fields, picnic facilities, a swimming pond and the Kiwanis Fitness Trail. This means every neighborhood can enjoy the miles of trails, nature classes and tours, and the overall wildlife experience that the town has to offer. In addition to this, Weston residents can purchase beach passes for Compo Beach, and get involved in youth programs, swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, and many other sports that the city provides.

In the 1930s, many New Yorkers found in Weston the perfect place to escape the noise and busy life in the big city. This led many famous people from the arts world into town. With an outstanding school system and its town issues still resolved at town meetings, Weston hasn’t lost its New England charm. Wonderful antique houses and spacious new buildings express the sense of privacy, dignity and historic value that the bucolic town of Weston transmits.

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