About – Norwalk, CT

Norwalk is a beautiful and lively city in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The town has over 85,000 residents spread across 36.3 square miles. Earlier on in its history, oyster farming and the railroad started operating through town, contributing to the town’s growth and development in the 19th century and making it the livable city it is today. 

Found 45 miles from New York City, it is part of the greater New York Metropolitan area. The town has plenty of historic houses, which were once occupied by renowned writers and artists, sophisticated and wealthy communities, as well as many houses that face the calming waters of the Long Island Sound, providing incredible views. However, those looking for a modern home won’t be disappointed either. Norwalk is a town where everyone can find a lovely place to live, at affordable prices.

Norwalk is one of those towns that give off a busy feel but are extremely beautiful and often 

offer the peace and tranquility one needs amidst the daily activities. With two sandy beaches and several ponds, a variety of golf courses, tennis courts, and wonderful parks, the town offers residents a wealth of recreational opportunities. Norwalk is known for its Maritime Aquarium, the annual Oyster Festival, as well as for the sophisticated shopping and eating district that is known as SoNo (the South Norwalk business district).

Many companies move their headquarters in Norwalk, as the city has a great transportation system and affordable workforce. 

Norwalk has a much appreciated educational system and always provides top notch school programs. The town is beautiful, and its location on the Long Island Sound and close to New York City makes it a living choice for many people. The landscape of the city is constantly changing as the city grows. Energetic, vibrant and sophisticated, the town of Norwalk is very welcoming and a wonderful place to live.

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